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Burn rubber, boys! We ride to victory!

Psionics Meeting

December 10, 2018. Vrilock attended a gathering of the top minds in the field of psionics, radionics, and mad science in Wisconsin for a conference and a filming event produced and managed by Joshua P. Warren. Attendees included Charles Cosimano, Donna Cosimano, Dr,. Mulder, and Tom Vrilock.

Listen to Joshua Warren's podcast >>>

Watch Vrilock's video >>>

Publication Proposal

May 9, 2018. Vrilock and author Charles W. Cosimano gathered for a meeting at the author’s home to discuss the publication of the author's new book, The Machines of Art Malacoda.

Book Signing Event

February 23, 2018. Vrilock met with author Charles W. Cosimano to do a book signing for Psionic Psuper Villain

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