162 pages. Full color. Perfect-bound paperback. Glossy finish. 6"x9". 0.84lbs. Custom gift wrapped. Sold only by Vrilock.


"Strength. Intelligence. Power! This is the book for those who seek it in all of its various forms!"


Psionic Robot follows in the path of progress. As science and technology make a transition into a fully automated world, so should the technology of magic. For the first time ever this concept of high tech magic comes together in a fully illustrated volume of occult power! This book discloses the secrets to making the modern variant for the infamous golem, the classical tank, and the mind controlled drone.


Included in this volume is a solid introduction to the powerful realms of magic and technology, a step-by-step manual of creation and operation of psionic robots, and a full series of charts, illustrations, scan-and-print decals and control panels, wiring schematics, and appendix.


And with each book written by Vrilock we include bonus comics!


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  • 162 pages. Full color. Perfect-bound paperback. Glossy finish. 6"x9". 0.84lbs.

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