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Three complete e-books of Vrilock's Practical Guides(VPG). Available now!


All three Vrilock Practical Guides to super psionics and advanced magick methodology have been compiled into one awesome downloadable bundle for wizards and explorers of the mysterious! 


Here are the three wondrous hallows much sought after to achieve absolute self-empowerment, miraculous manifestation, and readily influence the world with advanced kinetic magick! 


Easily assemble a magick amplifying rod from simple objects to boost your telepathic and intuitive abilities! Develop the power of faith-energy and construct a prayer board to work miracles in your life and the lives of others! Breach the barrier between operations and results in magick with the easy-to build Wondrous Wheel! 


Learn the ultimate advances in psionics from Vrilock! Begin with the first practical guide to The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery, and find your true self and center in your powerful will-fire. Then, build your own telepathic magick rod! Work your way into the wisdom of the Miraculous Prayer Board! Then really fly into the future with the Wondrous Wheel! 


Each book tells the reader a background story, the discovery of the ultimate psionic instrument, and the level of consciousness associated with each instrument as it is attributed to certain chakras. 


Like a box of Cracker Jacks, you’ll enjoy every treat in the books, and you’ll even have a prize instrument that is easy to assemble, and some comics for your reading pleasure!

Vrilock Practical Guide: VPG TRIO

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