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42:06 minutes, size 101.1MB, MP3 format.

Exercise psionics to craft, create, and conjure spirits! This volume focuses on crafting facilitators of good fortune and a smoother road of life! Skip past the rituals and dive into mind-machine-power!


Fantastic Facilitators Audiobook describes how to make artificial spirits who will bring you whatever you ask for. Of course, spirits will bring you what is within the workings of reason. But, that’s quite a lot of territory to cover if you really think about it. For instance, imagine expanding your business! When I was an ESL instructor in Japan these artificial spirits and intelligent constructs brought me more students. To make matters even more interesting, these intelligent creatures facilitated the kinds of coincidences which would also bring me the exact types of people I asked for: a doctor, a real estate investor, a nurse,… the possibilities were limited only to my imagination and what was available within reason. You can craft these artificial creatures for yourself, and achieve what was ordinarily thought as impossible! With my later invention of the ‘spirit variable machine’ I was able to draw television personality Joshua P. Warren to my work! And now we’re great friends! This world of opportunity and awesome companions in life is all yours with ‘Fantastic Facilitators’!

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Fantastic Facilitators Audiobook

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