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 - Psionic Robot 39.7 MB, 108 pages, ePub format.


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Psionic Robot eBook

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Go Beyond Psionic Combat! Break the backbone of world domination with Herr Doktor Vrilock’s Psionic Robot!

Psionic Robot! A limited Edition ebook is the result of the greatest breakthroughs in servitors, radionics, and psychotronic power! And now this super technology and sorcery can be yours! This book trains you to become an artificer in crafting superb robot consoles for manipulating radionic power in a very unique methodology which was secretly guarded by Tom Vrilock for many years. Now, at the turning of the tide in global dominance we give you the keys to this console of uber Psionic Power! Create devastators, psychic drones, and even a submarine or Cthulhu machine! Rule the city or dominate world affairs! The possibilities are endless! 


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