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E-Book, 199 pages. Illustrated. File size 6.6MB, PDF format.

You’ve heard of the power of prayer. You even know one or two people who are psychic.  But, until now you’ve only hoped that your prayers might be answered. Well, you’re about to learn how to make sure your wish is heard by the powers of the universe, and make real change happen. 


With this practical guide to the prayer-board you’ll learn how to effect positive change in the world, manifest miracles, and banish storms, oppression, and obstacles in your life. How do we know you can? Simple. Vrilock has taught non-magic/ non-psychic people to use the miraculous prayer-board in private for over a decade. Now, with this guide book everyone can have peace of mind, tranquility, and best of all you can reach out to the world with a great new instrument for creating positive change, and you’ll have all the training you need right here in this practical guide to the prayer-board. 


Included in this book is the life story of Vrilock. From his life abroad in Arabia to his career overseas in Japan, this book demonstrates the power of belief in some of the most difficult situations and world disasters, including the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown, Super Typhoon Neoguri, 31 landslides in Hiroshima, and the series of quakes that broke Kyushu in half. 


Also, this book features methods for brining new customers to your business, balancing your own energy field, and the power to project prosperity into the future. There’s more, but you’ll have to read this ultimate guide to find out what good things await you! 

The Miraculous Prayer-Board Guide (VPG2)

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