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Welcome to Vrilock’s Insiders Content Club!

Psionics philosophy and methods that make you successful! This is a content club designed to address interests from a wide range of learners! This is not a social club. Independent learning and messaging system w/ content coach Vrilock.

Introduce yourself before you join! 
1. What are your intentions for learning psionics?
2. Are you new to psionics?
3. Are you a fan of Vrilock?
4. Interested in global projects?
5. Religion/ spiritual views
6. Are you in the business of radionics?
7. Are you familiar w/ the works of Charles Cosimano?
8. Are you familiar w/ the works of Joshua Warren?
9. How familiar are you w/ Vrilock’s work?
10. Political views...
11. What do you think is most important?
12. Do you meditate regularly?
13. Do you realize that this club is both a content club and in support of Vrilock’s work?
14. Are you here to interact with other magicians in the club?
15. Vrilock will decide if this club is a good fit for you before you join.
16. If decided this club is not a good fit for you how will you feel?
17. Why do you want to be in this club?
18. Are you inwardly directed?
19. If you are accepted into this club will you agree to practice patience?
20. You will be truthful and not steal from Vrilock’s content for your own publications/ business?
21. Are you interested in one-on-one consultation with Vrilock?
22. You recognize Vrilock as absolute commander-in-chief in this club?
23. Can you afford this club?
24. How long do you believe it takes to become a psionics master?
25. What areas do you need more improvement in?
26. In terms of ‘improvement’ do you have some practice in psychic awareness or machine dowsing?
27. Please use only 1 email address for this club.
28. Failure to pay disqualifies you from the club.

Thank you for submitting! We look forward to your answers! 

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