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Deepest discount - $100 OFF from Club Price!

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Join the Vrilock Psionics Club today and purchase the elite dowsing kit for only $225!

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Sale ends on June 30, 2024

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Breach through the veil of lies and illusion! Know where politicians are hiding the bribe money! Discover who he or she is really seeing behind your back! Interrogate spirits of the underworld, and analyze thoughtforms! Nothing can escape your keen mind as you pull knowledge from these charts with your elite crafted pendulum!


Consider the many possibilities you could have all the answers to!


Necromancer Elite Dowsing Kit! The Ultimate Pendulum Kit for Psi Training!

The most fundamental prerequisite in psionics, (mind and machine magick) and radionics (machine dowsing) is known as dowsing. For the purpose of divining information across multiple charts the operator will work with a pendulum. Thus, a powerful operator kit has been prepared for our students, friends, and fans of Herr Doktor V.’s super hero training programs! Even if you’re new to psionics, this kit is going to be invaluable to you!


Crossing the threshold between fantasy and reality, and bringing together the two power forces in the universe, Herr Doktor Vrilock presents to YOU the most enchanting dowsing kit on the planet! Our fans most familiar characters rejoin their new thought leader, the lovable Herr Doktor Vrilock, to teleport your mind into the necro verse! We take you on a guided dowsing journey, with full colorful charts, descriptions, instructions, and resources! There is of course more than a great book! Join Doc Vrilock, Dr. Psionic (Uncle Chuckie), Lady K.A, and the mysterious cruisader knight on an epic divination adventure that will last you a lifetime! This is the official collector’s kit!


Included in this kit:

- Pendulum (gold leafed copper polyethylene head w/ engraved glyphs; 6” chain)

- Necromancer Elite (hardcover, glossy, landscape)

- Psionic Necromancer (paperback)


Pendulum (gold leafed power glyphs pendulum)

Machine printed, hand coated, and crafted chain—tried and tested by Herr Doktor Vrilock! This is the ultimate tested length of chain and pendulum head for dowsing across charts for psionic magick, necromancy, sigils magick, and any curiosity the mind can conjure up! Pendulum engravings (x3) includes: Vrilock emblem of power; revelations glyph; and a rune for answering your deepest curiosities and questions! This rustic style pendulum is composed of copper mixed polyethylene, and the head is gold leafed to magically seal in the elite qualities of the inner circle of the Vrilockian school of New Thought!


Necromancer Elite (hardcover, glossy, landscape)

This hardcover book of charts and instructions is high quality print, color, illustrated, and with a glossy finish! The pages are printed in landscape, and easily open for the purpose of reading, enjoying the illustrations, and dowsing effectively. When you open the book you will find the instructions printed on the left, and then the charts printed on the righthand side. This makes dowsing easy to do very quickly! So, you’ll be able to use your magick while dowsing any questions you might have in an instant. The slim hard body of this book makes storage on your shelf easy! Just slide this powerful tome into your bookcase or computer shelf without any haggling for space! Best of all—This book will last a very long time as the gem of your treasured collector’s pendulum kit!



Boasting an entire new universe of necromantic approach, Herr Doktor Vrilock has penned the secret initial door into the mysterious Necroverse! This is the universe containing all the disembodied minds of the netherworld to assist you in your magical and psionics operations! The powerful psionic necromancer meditation, methodology, techniques, and sigils of sorcery are included in this book!


This is a limited batch which will only be available once in a life-time! So, place an order before these kits are gone!


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Necromancer Elite Dowsing Kit

  •  1) Pocket Book - ‘Psionic Necromancer’ (paperback, glossy cover (4.25(W) x 6.875(H) In / 108 x 175 mm)


     2) Photobook  - ‘Necromancer Elite’ (hardcover, glossy cover, US letter landscape (11.19 (W)x 8.81 In (H) / 284 x 224 mm)


     3) Pendulum with pouch (Pendulem head: 2(H) x 1(W) x 0.875(D) In, chain: 6 in) (head: 51 x 25 x 22 mm / chain: 152 mm)


    Kit weight: 1 Lb & 3.7 Oz

  • All sales are final.

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