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You know there are numerous volumes of grimoires you must plumb through to get to the incantations and evocations which purportedly bring money to the spell-caster; However, you're just stumped trying to find the forumla that will work for you. Well, this book resolves the problem of endless searching for magick that yields results. Every operation in this book has worked for the author and a number of pupils in the psionics club! Now these simple cost-effective magick methods are yours at just the right price! 


There's the old saying that "You get what you pay for!". Well, this book is different. As devout rebel and wonderworker your good friend Herr Doktor Vrilock is giving you this book at a most excellent deal! Why? Because this is a high interest book that will begin you on your journey unto new horizons! With these exercises your mind will open new vistas of realization, self-empowerment, and the very tools you need to succeed in landing a new job, a pay raise, or coming to realization about your talents to develop your own business model! Plus, you will have the ability to draw good and generous people into your life whom will help you along your journey! 


All begins with knowledge of the how-to! And this book is all how-to! No nonsense! Just do the work and get the results! 


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Solve Money Issues with Psionics

  • Type: ebook
    Format: PDF

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