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Miraculous Prayer Board MINI:

'Prayer with psionic power!'

August 6, 2019


The new Miraculous Prayer Board MINI allows us to use our psychometric (touch) energy to harness the power of prayer in a psionic medium! Use this simple but elegant instrument to bring love, romance, and good fortune into your life or the lives of other people. With the prayer board Vrilock staved off some of the worst weather and storms the world has ever seen, including super typhoon Neoguri, Halong, and 40+ others. Using the prayer board for 30 minutes Vrilock held back a level five tornado trail from touching down in Wisconsin. This instrument can also bring rain like no other magical device in the world! We used the prayer board to bring rain to areas afflicted by drought. With the relationship one builds to the cosmic All, the cosmic mind of the universe, all things become possible. It has been said that God works in mysterious ways. He speaks to us in mysterious ways. Following this logic is it not possible that we can communicate with the Creator of the universe in mysterious ways? Well, this is the ultimate prayer board of mystical and mysterious power. Each one is meditated with and blessed by Tom Vrilock, personally! Get your prayer board mini today! 

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Vrilock Short Audio series (VSA):

'Fantastic Facilitators Audiobook'

April 11, 2019


‘Fantastic Facilitators’ is the ultimate audiobook on psionics for creating artificial spirits! Listen to this audiobook and learn all about the kinds of spirits which can manifest great results to improve the overall quality of your life! Bring in more romance! Turn up new opportunities! Amass sales! Or create a spirit to help you acquire the occult power and knowledge of arcane secrets! The choices are limitless! The power is yours! 

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Vrilock Short Audio series (VSA):

'Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board Audiobook' & 'VSA- VPG TRIO'

March 31, 2019


Suggested by club members Vrilock has created downloadable audiobooks for a number of interests in magick and the occult! Our Vrilock Short Audio series (VSA) delivers straight-to-the-point guidance for working this chakras and the three occult instruments of power - The Magick Rod. The Miraculous Prayer Board. The Wondrous Wheel! Also, Vrilock has released special interest occult audios for expanding the topic of psionics for personal happiness and self-empowerment. Just released is our new audiobook for gainful love relationships ‘Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board’! This audiobook delivers the means and philosophy for manifesting love and summoning or procuring a new lover. Plus, Vrilock has not left out those who might be widowed or lost a loved one. There is even a section in this audiobook for contact the beloved and departed souls of our loved ones. Smooth transitions make these audiobooks various sections and chapters an easy-listening experience that really rocks because everything in these audiobooks actually works! This is real magick and the occult power.
All good. All positive. All yours!

Keep the magick high! 

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The Wondrous Wheel - VPG3:

Vrilock’s Practical Guide to Telemechanics and Kinetics

December 17, 2018


The third book in the VPG series focusing on the powers of the brow chakra and how to overcome technical tyranny. Covers the basics for learning how to sense or read machine activities, use mechanics and technology as a carrier for telepathy, and influence various kinetic properties. 

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The Miraculous Prayer Board:

Instrument for miracles!

October 16, 2018

2018_10_14 15_03_12.jpg

The VPG2 introduces the student of the occult to the power of the heart chakra, and extends this power through the prayer board instrument to manifest miracles and bring spiritual wellness.

The second book in the VPG series focusing on the powers of the heart chakra. Covers the basics for learning to balance one’s own energies, find inner peace, and project positive manifestations into the world. This is the book for making miracles happen!

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Vrilock's Free Report:

V.O.C.U.S. The insider program!

July 13, 2018

Psionic robot book, Magic Store | Vrilock Psionics and Concentration Publications Network

Don't let occult learning remain a process of trial by error! Get this system!

A free introduction into our insiders program is now ready for you to read.

Join Vrilock's unique learning system--V.O.C.U.S.-- for mastering the power of your mind. Build uber-occult-machines, and embark on the ultimate journey to become a fellow. Initiates receive in-depth materials, audio/ video news and tutorials, and powerful tools for enhancing your occult life-style, and to prepare you to become a fellow with special access and privileges.  


It is time to get out of the passive experimental stage in radionics, and join our wonderful insiders organization. Start as an initiate. Work your way into Vrilock's fellowship, and gain access to the secret of the 'world circuit', a tightly guarded technology of the occult truth.  


You will have access to advanced reports published for insiders only! All initiates are welcome to tryout for fellowship after completion of our programs. If successful you will become a technician of the world circuit, and a true fellow of Vrilock, with special opportunities to participate in world events.


If you ever wanted to know more than what is on the best-sellers' list at other publishing houses, then this is the occult program for you. Become one with Vrilock and the world circuit, through this unique program we call 'V.O.C.U.S.'! We aren't just a publishing outlet. Vrilock is the home for technicians of the world circuit, where we take on a whole new level of spiritual fulfillment and applied mental abilities. Vrilock is serious and determined. Are you? If you answered 'yes', then perhaps you will consider joining V.O.C.U.S.?

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Vrilock's VPG

Ultimate Series!:

The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide

June 15, 2018

Psionic robot book, Magic Store | Vrilock Psionics and Concentration Publications Network

Don't let the power of miracles pass you by. Get your prayers answered!

A practical guide (Vrilock Practical Guide - VPG) for discovering the power of the heart chakra, and a miraculous instrument for working miracles in the world. Learn to balance your energy field, overcome obstacles, and banish disastrous conditions overall. 

Build a magical relationship. Live the magick lifestyle. 

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Vrilock's VPG Ultimate Series!:

Metaphysics of Self-Mastery

May 6, 2018

Psionic robot book, Magic Store | Vrilock Psionics and Concentration Publications Network

Harness the power of inner-fire and command the ultimate power of will!

Metaphysics of Self-Mastery is the first in a series of self-empowerment and practical guides written by Vrilock. This guide is intended to be a relatively easy-to-read e-booklet for both advanced students of meditation and beginners. Our fun illustrations and casual publishing style make this not only easy to learn, but comprehensive to most readers as well. If you’ve ever experienced a moment where you thought your mind and your inner self were two different animals, then you’re not far off. Read the book to learn the truth about the individual, and take advantage of easy-to-build instruments to help you put that inner power to work today! 


Currently, we have this e-book available in two formats: EPUB and PDF. Also the book is on sale at 50% off the cover price. Choose whichever format you would like to download, and within only a few days of practice you will be working with your inner power and in tune with your true self. A truly liberating experience that will set you on the path to freedom! 

Go Vrilock! 

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Vrilock's Ultimate Book!:

Psionic Robot

March  25, 2018

Psionic robot book, Magic Store | Vrilock Psionics and Concentration Publications Network

Enter the robot! This is the new technology for modern magicians!

Strength. Intelligence. Power! This is the book for those who seek it in all of its various forms!


Psionic Robot follows in the path of progress. As science and technology make a transition into a fully automated world, so should the technology of magic. For the first time ever this concept of high tech magic comes together in a fully illustrated volume of occult power! This book discloses the secrets to making the modern variant fo the infamous golem, the classical tank, and the mind controlled drone. 


Included in this volume is a solid introduction to the powerful realms of magic and technology, a step-by-step manual of creation and operation of psionic robots, and a full series of charts, illustrations, scan-and-print decals and control panels, wiring schematics, and appendix. 


And with each book written by Vrilock we include bonus comics!


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